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Do I really need to replace my roof from hail damage?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Zac Pullar Chief Operating Officer of BranchStone Roofing & General Contracting

In order to understand whether you should replace your roof from hail damage, we need to understand how hail affects your roof. Standard roofing shingles are made up of three parts. A fiberglass mat asphalt poured over the fiberglass and surface granules. The job of the fiberglass mat is to give the asphalt something to adhere to. The job of the asphalt is to create the water barrier and gives the most substance to the material. The job of the granule is to protect the asphalt from harmful ultraviolet rays that would break it down at an accelerated rate and give it the aesthetic that you see.

When hail impacts shingles. A few different possibilities for damage occur.

1. The first is a severely noticeable impact that penetrates the shingle itself causing the ability for water to intrude. This is the most extreme example of hail damage.

2. The next is more subtle damage that occurs by hail striking the surface of the shingle and fracturing the mat. This creates the ability for water to still intrude the shingle but will not be as noticeable.

3. The final issue occurs when hail strikes knock the granule off from the surface of the shingle. This allows the harmful ultraviolet rays to deteriorate the asphalt. Over time you’re left with just the fiberglass mat and at that point it’s like a coffee filter, where water can pass through it.

Of these examples, one is not more severe than the other. All of them allow your roof to leak and further damage your home, business, or property. So, to answer the question – if your roof has hail damage, and you don’t want it to leak, yes - you should replace it.

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